Rockwood Public Affairs, who have offices in Dublin and Brussels, have today (Monday 13 May) published a new report titled ‘Europe 2024-2029: Big issues for Irish business’.
Three-quarters of the country’s top 100 websites are technically inaccessible to 600,000 people with disabilities, according to new research from the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI).
Irish people and politicians prioritise inflation over the switch to green energy, according to a survey published on Wednesday. This year’s Energy Transition Readiness Index (ETRI) shows a growing awareness in the Republic of the need to swap fossil fuels for renewables.
Logistics giant DHL has announced an €80 million investment in a biomethane production facility in Cork that will supply enough fuel to power a fleet of up to 150 trucks.
Power outages remain a real threat to businesses that rely on data and investing in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems makes good business sense, writes Siobahn Meikle from Eaton.
If electric vehicles (EVs) are to truly replace internal combustion engines (ICEs) then a number of things need to happen. First of all, EVs of all kinds, from cars to vans to buses, need to be bought. In order for that to happen, though, two other things are required to support it: a charging network and EV expertise.
Ireland’s representative body for private bus operators, the Coach Tourism & Transport Council of Ireland (CTTC) has called on the Government to extend VAT relief for the purchase of electric and alternatively fuelled buses, as a measure to accelerate transport decarbonisation. Under current legislation, operators are only entitled to reclaim VAT for the purchase of certain tour and other buses, to include those that are fuelled by diesel.
Digital Business Ireland (DBI), the representative body for 8,500 Irish digital businesses, has announced details of Digital Summit: FutureProof, to be held at Croke Park later this year.